23 Mar

FAIR Coffee lecture – Ananya Choudhury

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UM is on a mission to become a leading example in the Open Science movement, which aims to make research papers, data, methods, etc. open to anyone so we can all benefit. The FAIR principles go hand-in-hand with Open Science and they form a great guide to make sure that the research you make Open, can actually be used. With the FAIR Coffee lecture series, the Open Science Community of UM, in collaboration with the Community for Data-Driven Initiatives (CDDI), will help you find out more about these topics and discover how your colleagues have applied Open Science and FAIR principles to their research. These lectures are a perfect chance to dip your toes in the FAIR water and find inspiration in the work of others!

For this session of the FAIR Coffee lectures, on March 23 2022 at 11 am, we’ve invited Ananya Choudhury. She is a PhD candidate and data scientist at the Maastro Clinical Data Science group. In her lecture titled “FHIR for secondary usage of Clinical Data” she focuses on exploring FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) as a data interoperability standard for secondary usage of data. More information can be found in the abstract.


Future events

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23 Mar | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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