Third edition of the FAIR Coffee all about games!

12 May, 2021 The third edition of the FAIR Coffee lecture series, organized by the OSCM and the CDDI, was again well attended. We discussed invited Matthew Stephenson and Walter Crist to talk about their their Digital Ludeme Project in which they are building a database of historical games. Of course we also had another three lucky winners who received a Bandito Espresso voucher in our Caffeine Quiz! Thanks to everyone for participating! See you next time!

Open Research Europe (ORE) platform launched!

25 March, 2021 The European Commission (EC) has just launched the Open Research Europe (ORE) which is a fully Open Access publishing platform for scientific articles based on research funded by Horizon 2020, and soon Horizon Europe. In line with the exciting developments in Open Science (all supported by UM), it follows many Open Science principles such as:
  • Immediately publishing articles
  • Transparent, invited and open peer review
  • Names of the reviewers are open, as well as their reviews, which are also citable
  • Null and negative findings and reanalysis of previous studies leading to new results, as well as confirmatory results, are encouraged
The EC covers all publication costs so there is no author fee! If your research is part of a Horizon 2020/Europe project (even after the grant has ended), please consider publishing in the ORE platform. We need pioneers to make this platform (and similar other ones) a success!

OSCM receives UM Research Ethics and Integrity Grant

26 February, 2021 In last year’s call for proposals for the UM Research Ethics and Integrity Grant, OSCM submitted a proposal to finance our FAIR Coffee event lectures and get help with organizing them. We are happy to announce that we received the grant and can continue our FAIR Coffee lectures! In these lectures you have a chance to hear inspiring stories from other UM researchers on how they implemented FAIR in their research. Keep an eye on our Events page to see when the next lecture takes place.

First FAIR Coffee lecture big success!

26 January, 2021 The first edition of the FAIR Coffee lecture series, organized by the OSCM and the CDDI, was a big success. We had over 60 participants, discussed Open Science, promoted the FAIR Essentials workshop (more info here), and three lucky winners received a Bandito Espresso voucher. Thanks to everyone for participating! See you next time!

REI Call for Research Ethics & Integrity Grants open

5 November, 2020 The UM Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity has launched the annual call for the UM Ethics & Integrity Grants. This grant of € 10,000 can be used for any project or activity aimed at facilitating Good Conduct or Research of our UM community. More information can be found here.

Open Science Conference 2021

22 October, 2020 The Open Science Conference 2021 is the 8th international conference of the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science and will take place online on 17-19 February 2021.

The annual conference is dedicated to the Open Science movement and provides a unique forum for researchers, librarians, practitioners, infrastructure providers, policy makers, and other important stakeholders to discuss the latest and future developments in Open Science. Find out more about the program and ow to register here.

Upcoming FAIR events

12 October, 2020 The OSCM is currently working on two FAIR events that will help you get better acquainted with the FAIR principles and how you can apply them in your research:
  • “FAIR Essentials”: A 1-day workshop in which we will train researchers in their Research Data Management (RDM) obligations as well as necessary tools, techniques and skills for FAIR and reproducible research practices.
  • “FAIR Coffee”: Regularly occurring 45 minute inspiring lectures in which researchers from UM and other universities are invited to show you how they implemented FAIR in their research.
We expect to start in early 2021 with the first editions of these events so stay tuned!