Open Science ambassadors and messengers

To support and facilitate Open Science in our University, the OSC employs faculty ambassadors and messengers that help with sharing expertise about Open Science within UM. Open Science is a movement that has benefits for all university faculties. We therefore welcome new ambassadors and messengers from faculties all over UM that support the Open Science movement and are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise or spreading Open Science news.

What does an Open Science ambassador do?

Within his/her faculty and/or departments or research groups within that faculty, an Open Science ambassador:

  • Creates awareness about Open Science.
  • Shares and multiplies information about Open Science.
  • Takes the initiative to organize symposia or other events around Open Science.
  • Represents the Open Science Community Maastricht.

What does an Open Science messenger do?

Primarily within their department or research group, an Open Science messenger:

  • Helps to spread Open Science news within their department.
  • Actively forwards people with questions to the OSC.
  • Assists, where possible, with organizing events.

How to join?

If you are interested in becoming an Open Science ambassador in your faculty, please contact Rianne Fijten. She will get back to you with more information on how to complete your application. We welcome both early-career as well as senior researchers for the ambassador role. We do expect that all Open Science ambassadors can fulfill the ambassador role for at least one year.

If you would like to act as an Open Science messenger, you can contact one of our members, which can be your faculty’s ambassador or one of the OSC founders.