20 Oct

Mini-workshop on Open Science and Pre-Registration

Interdisciplinary UM-BIC mini-workshop on Open Science

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, from 12:00-13:00h, Roman Briker, SBE’s Open Science ambassador, will be the speaker in the Interdisciplinary Brownbag Seminar (room A0.24, Tongersestraat 53). Directly afterward (13:00-14:00), you are invited to stay for a 1h mini-workshop on how to put Open Science into practice in your own work. The goal of this workshop simply is to share as much information about, and experiences with, the tools and platforms available for preregistrations, data and code sharing, preprint publication, etc. Thus, we start with Roman’s talk:

A replication crisis in the behavioral and social sciences: Open Science as a crusader for a brighter future

Abstract: In the early 2010s, a large crisis shocked the scientific community, the media, and the public: Prominent researchers admitted to faking their data, others published findings that are physically impossible (“Feeling the future”), and large-scale research projects revealed that most findings in psychology and the broader social and behavioral sciences could not be replicated. Given that the relevance and utility of science critically hinge on the trustworthiness of its findings, these developments constitute a huge burden for scientists and for stakeholders aiming to apply scientific knowledge. I will discuss the reasons and processes that led to this so-called replication crisis and showcase the Open Science movement as a pathway to more trustworthy research.

Throughout Roman’s talk, we will already have the opportunity to interactively discuss Open Science measures and their relevance for us as scientists and the academy more broadly. In the subsequent mini-workshop, we will then discuss how to put them into practice most effectively.

Registration is not necessary, you can just walk in and join!

We look forward to lively and informative exchanges with you!

Date and time

20 Oct | 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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SBE faculty TS53, room A0.24
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